Easy to use…
Earth Friendly…

Say Hello to the Modern Cloth Diaper.

Gone are the days of pins and plastic pants. Modern cloth diapers are easy to use, affordable, and earth friendly. I will be there to guide you on your cloth journey. From picking out which diaper works with your family, to hosting diaper parties and setting up online registries. I am here to help you every step of the way.

As a Diaper Parties representative I am here to educate families about the numerous cloth diaper and natural parenting options available today. I offer a wide variety of natural parenting products at the same price as other retailers, but with the added benefit of having me as a resource to help you along the way!

I have two wonderful little boys.  I’ve cloth diapered them both.  My first I used the simple (and cheap!) method of prefolds and one sized covers.  I made the decision as a way to save money so that I could stay home for the first year of his life.  I was hooked right away!  I found them to be much easier than I expected.  Almost 4 years later, our second son has arrived.  This time I’ve branched out, building my stash of diapers to include all kinds!  From prefolds to AIOs I have them all, and have found that I like each of them for different reasons.  I hope that my experience will help you!  At DiaperParties by Crystal I am committed to being a resource in Sonoma County for other moms who are interested in cloth diapering.


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